Woodley Range

This small water system services 25 single family homes out of 37 properties. The CVRD assumed responsibility for the management and operation of the Woodley Range Water System in 2014.

A water study estimated that approximately $409,000 in capital and $15,000 for an aquifer enhancement recharge study are required to raise the existing infrastructure to a municipal level. Furthermore, an aggressive water conservation program is required for this water system to maintain a sustainable water supply. Some of the proposed upgrade includes work to the electrical and control systems, improvements to the process monitoring, refurbishing filtration systems, chlorination system upgrades, reservoir cleaning and inspection, and preparation of wellhead protection plans.

The CVRD Board of Directors has approved $260,000 of Gas Tax funding to help reduce the potential amount to be borrowed for upgrades to the water system, which has been factored into the amounts shown above. As well, this water utility has approximately $114,000 in provincial reserve funds. The remainder of the required funds, ($50,000), to upgrade this water system will be acquired by borrowing through the Municipal Finance Authority.

Management Bylaw

Due to a limited water system source, Woodley Range Water System is under STAGE 3 Water Restrictions throughout the year.