Safe Needle Disposal

Used Needle Disposal

Used needles that are disposed of improperly are dangerous. Used needles have been found in the garbage, in recycling totes and even in wastewater treatment plants after being flushed down the toilet. Needles left in parks or outdoor areas are a hazard to people, children and pets.

Dispose of used needles the right way by taking them back to the pharmacy that they came from. Most pharmacies offer a no-cost needle exchange program for their customers. Safe needle drop-boxes are also located throughout the region as well as at all CVRD Recycling Centres & Garbage Drop-Off Depots.

Safe Needle Disposal Toolkit

In 2008, the CVRD and community partners produced the "Barefoot in the Park" Safe Needle Disposal Toolkit that provides more information on how to dispose of used needles safely and responsibly. The toolkit also lists all needle drop-box locations in the region.