Satellite Park

System Overview
The Cowichan Valley Regional District assumed responsibility for the Satellite Park Water System in October 2006.

Source and Treatment
The source of the water is a groundwater well that pumps water to the treatment building through a dedicated water supply line. The water receives chlorine disinfection before being pumped to a 125,000 Imerial-gallon steel-bolted reservoir and gravity fed to the low areas of the system.

As part of the maintenance program for the water system, the distribution system is flushed on an annual basis, usually in the spring and the hydrants and valves are regularly maintained.

The 2014 annual Parcel Tax is $407. The monthly user fee for a single-family dwelling is $22.25 (less a 10% discount for timely payment), based on a fee schedule of four steps. The maximum quanitity at the lowest step is 100 cubic metres. For those who use more water, the charge per cubic metre will steadily increase.


Satellite Park