Sources and Treatment

Primary Source - Shawnigan Lake
Two intake pipes draw water from Shawnigan Lake, near 2677 Decca Road, and fill two manhole-style chambers. A 12%-chlorine solution is injected, in proportion to incoming flow, to a pipe from the intake pump chambers and entering into one of two chlorine contact chambers.

The chlorine-disinfected water is pumped directly into the distribution system in response to the water levels in the water storage reservoir. Water is gravity-fed from the reservoir and/or supplied by the pumping system to the distribution system on demand.

A chlorine residual analyzer and chart recorder continuously monitors and records the free chlorine levels of the treated water leaving the pump house. An alarm system alerts CVRD staff to high or low free-chlorine levels.

Secondary Source - Groundwater Well
The groundwater well is located on Lot 2 at 2122 Ingot Drive. The well is protected by a Wellhead Protection Plan that was developed following the guidelines set out by the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

Water is pumped from the well to the nearby treatment plant located at 2126 Ingot Drive. There, the water is disinfected by a hypochlorinator system and the treated water is pumped to Gregory Road, where it ties into the rest of the system.