Heart/Stocking Lake Regional Park

This Regional Park site contains a significant area of older second growth forest that contains provincially red-listed ecological plant communities as well as characteristics of a remnant old growth forest.

Park Size:

93 ha



How to Get There:
Currently there is no public vehicle access to the Park, but it can be reached from the Holland Creek Trail. The Park is located immediately East of Stocking Lake.
Heart Stocking Lake.jpg


The property was originally part of the E&N land grant and was ravaged by a forest fire in the 1930’s. The property was then salvage logged in the 1950s and 1960s for the un-burnt old growth timber. Since then the property was held by BC Forest Products Ltd and transferred to Timberwest Forest Inc. in early 1990. The property was purchased again in 1997 and was managed as a woodlot and finally bought by the Cowichan Valley Regional District in 2009 to be used for Regional Park Purposes. The Park was purchased through a combination of the Regional parkland acquisition fund and through a significant donation by the landowner.

This Regional Park site links with the well established Ladysmith trail network. For information on Ladysmiths trails in this area visit this link.