Resources & Reports

Want to know more about open burning and air quality? Below is a list of some helpful resources and reports to get you started. Remember, there are alternatives to burning! Yard and garden materials like small branches and leaves can be recycled for free at many convenient locations in the CVRD. Visit the Cowichan Recyclopedia for details and hundreds more recycling ideas!

Wood burning 101 - Our collection of tips, hints and advice on wood preparation and woodstove operation:

2015 Regional Woodstove Exchange Program

Guide to Residential Wood Heating (2008)

Good Firewood

Enjoy the Fire Not Smoke!

Wet Wood is a Waste

Heating with Wood Videos

Pollution sources and air quality in the CVRD, and BC Reports and websites about common air pollutants, their sources, and measured levels:

Woodsmoke 101 is an Air Quality Article series published in the Cowichan Valley Citizen newspaper that can be viewed via links at Clear the Air Cowichan

No Breathing Room - National Illness Costs of Air Pollution - Canadian Medical Association, August 2008

Mobile Monitoring of Residential Wood Burning Emissions in the CVRD Report (2010)

Air Quality, Smoke and Particulate Matter in the Cowichan Valley Regional District

BC Air Quality Readings - see What's the Air Like Today? where you live and access more detailed measured levels

BC Lung Association State of the Air Reports

MoE Inventory of Wood Burning Appliance Use in BC (March 2012) -This report details the findings of a province wide survey of residential wood burning conducted in 2012. The aims of the survey were to collect information on the prevalence of residential wood burning in BC and also to gauge attitudes about air quality and wood smoke..

MoE Woodstove Inventory and Behavior Analysis (December 2012) - This report compiles the results of the 2012 wood burning survey and a similar survey conducted in 2010 by Metro Vancouver to calculate a province-wide inventory of air emissions from residential wood burning. In addition this report compares the results of the 2010/2012 surveys with earlier surveys done in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Managing air quality - Local and provincial bylaws, guidelines, and management recommendations:

BC Venting Index (or call 1-888-281-2992) check the index for Southern Vancouver Island

A Guide to the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation

Provincial Smoke Management Framework Report (2011)

CCME Code of Practice for Residential Wood Burning Appliances

Air pollution and your health - Find out more about how air pollution can impact your health:

Energy and Fuels Journal Article compares the toxicity of emissions from different wood burning appliances (abstract only)

Energy and Fuels Journal Article compares the toxicity of emissions from an incorrectly operated woodstove (abstract only)

Air Quality Health Index Variation Across BC Report (2010)

British Columbia Lung Association – Wood Stoves and Your Health

Outdoor Air Quality – A Primer for B.C. Physicians and Informing Patients and Reference materials

Clean Air Videos on the BC Lung Association website

Environment Canada – Open Burning of Garbage

Regulation & Bylaws on Outdoor Burning

BC Lung Association - Open Burning and Your Health