Application Process

Volunteers Needed!

Currently looking for dedicated, caring individuals that are good with people and paperwork to create 4 Teams of Emergency Social Services (ESS) Level 1 Teams with an opportunity to assist in larger ESS events. 

Interested? Please contact Sybille Sanderson, Emergency Program Coordinator (250-746-2560 or email)

4 Steps to Becoming a Volunteer


We encourages residents to consider serving their communities. Follow the 4 step process to become involved:

Step 1 - Sign up and attend the Cowichan Valley Emergency Program Introductory Workshop
  • Learn about the Emergency Program and potential volunteer opportunities
  • Learn about personal and neighbourhood preparedness
  • Create an Emergency Comfort Kit (Grab ‘n Go Bag)
Step 2 - Complete, sign and submit the Volunteer Application Form. Send to:
Step 3 - Meet staff to discuss areas of interest and volunteer opportunities. Training opportunities, responsibilities and commitment options will be discussed as part of this process. Acceptance into the program is at the discretion of the Cowichan Valley Emergency Program.
Step 4 - Sign up for upcoming orientation and training sessions (provided via website annually). All volunteers are required to bring their Emergency Comfort Kit (Grab ‘n Go) to orientations and training sessions (prizes may be provided).
  • Bring your Grab ‘n Go Bag
  • Learn volunteer skills, roles and responsibilities
  • Receive information on health, safety and well-being
  • Gain confidence in your ability to serve and assist in times of crisis
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