Living in Rural Areas

So, You Want to Move to the Countryside…..What Can You Expect?
The Cowichan Region has a diverse mix of rural and urban areas. Much of the region is agricultural and for this reason people want to leave the big city and move here to enjoy the peace and quiet of rural life. But along with change, there is a need for understanding. New rural residents may not understand what happens in farming country and farmers may not understand how these new residents perceive country life.
The Right to Farm Act Reference Guide lists and describes many of British Columbia's diverse farm practices in general terms. It also refers the reader to existing government legislation, industry guidelines and other sources of information related to farm practices in British Columbia. The guide is intended to be used by people seeking information related to issues and concerns raised about farm practices (e.g., farmers, peer advisors to farmers, local governments, neighbours living near farms, etc.). The guide may also be used by the Farm Industry Review Board, the statutory body established under the Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act to hear formal complaints about farm practices.

The key to healthy country living is COMMUNICATION. Meet your neighbors. Get to know and understand their lifestyle. They in turn, may get to know yours.