OCP Development

Developing an Official Community Plan
Developing an OCP is a community-based, grass-roots effort. Planning staff works with local volunteers, appointed by the CVRD Board, in creating or updating the OCP. Because it is important to reach out widely into the community, the CVRD employs other measures to tap into community opinion; these measures include questionnaires, open houses, community meetings and workshops.

Once the CVRD Board adopts an OCP, regulatory bylaws such as zoning are updated.

Development Permit Areas
Aside from providing policies regarding land use and development, OCPs also can designate development permit areas for the following reasons:
  • To protect the natural environment
  • To protect development from hazardous conditions
  • To protect farming
  • To protect heritage areas
  • To revitalize a commercial area
  • To establish guidelines for the form and character of commercial, industrial or multiple family residential development
  • To promote energy conservation
  • To promote water conservation
  • To promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
All local governments are required to ensure that zoning bylaws and new development conform to the OCP. Without an OCP, there would be no clearly defined foundation for regulating land use.