Air Quality Sensor Network

Step 1

Check the PurpleAir sensors in your neighbourhood by clicking here.

Step 2

Click on a local PurpleAir sensor you are interested in finding air quality information about.

Disclaimer: Please note that the readings are displayed in real-time but air quality readings should be viewed in 1 Hour and 24 Hour averages. These can be found on the right-hand side, above the data graph, once you have clicked on a local air sensor.

Step 3

If the readings show orange, red, or purple and you are concerned about air quality in your neighbourhood, firstly, please check the Environment BC air quality advisories in the region, which can be found here and, secondly, limit strenuous outdoor exercise and activities that may heighten your exposure to contaminants in the air.

PurpleAir Neighbourhood Sensors

The CVRD's PurpleAir Sensor Network Interactive Map can be found here, which is displayed in real-time. However, the data are best observed in hourly or daily averages to better understand air quality patterns in specific areas. The sensors are intended to build awareness for air quality, provide information on the distribution of wood smoke within our communities, and identify opportunities to improve the air we breathe.

BC's Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy

The Province's Air Quality Sensor Network Interactive Map can be found here, which is displayed in close to real-time.

For more information please visit our FAQ