Prevent Illegal Dumping

Report illegal dumping and suspicious activity

Illegal dumping often takes place on the outskirts of town where dumpers believe they will not be seen. If you come across someone who is dumping waste report as much identifying information as possible to the Ministry of Environment RAPP Line to ensure that the person is caught and fined.

Ensure your waste is managed responsibly

Residents of the Cowichan Valley have access to numerous recycling and waste management facilities, which accept thousands of items - often for free!

Learn more about the locations of our region's Recycling Centres and the materials that are accepted.

Take precautions if you hire someone to remove waste

•    Get the driver's name and vehicle license number;

•    Pay only one-half of the fees up front, and insist that the hauler produce a dated receipt from a legitimate disposal facility before final payment;

•    Pay by check, rather than cash.

Asbestos dumped illegally near Mill Bay, BC

Unsure where to recycle an item?

Visit the Cowichan Recyclopedia, an online resource on how and where to reduce, reuse, and recycle thousands of items.

Or ask!  Call the Recycling Hotline at 250.746.2540,
toll free 1.800.665.3955 or

More than 50 bags of asbestos containing material dumped near Mill Bay in 2015.