Addressing flooding

Our region is made up of a range of areas that are susceptible to flooding including defined floodplains along rivers or lakes, localized stormwater ponding, and storm surge along our shorelines. Each resident is encouraged to take care in these areas and ensure that any dwellings or other infrastructure is built to withstand the impact of standing or moving water.

As of 2004 it became the responsibility of local governments to maintain and update floodplain maps for their communities.  This is an expensive and highly technical process which the CVRD undertook for its highest priority area in 2006 - the Cowichan Floodplain covering all or part of City of Duncan, Eagle Heights, Koksilah industrial area, Cowichan Bay, the southern portion of North Cowichan and Cowichan Tribes communities of Georgetown, Clem Clem, Somena and Quamichan.  
Cowichan River Dike
In 2009, the Lower Cowichan/Koksilah Integrated Flood Management Plan was developed to provide a range of tools for flood management in the Cowichan/Koksilah basin.  One of the actions in the plan is the construction of protective diking works.  These works are now nearing completion, and have resulted in a safer community, rehabilitated and enhanced side channels for fisheries production as well as ongoing gravel removal to keep the river open. 

Climate change impacts are projected to mean more regular high intensity storms and pineapple expresses for our region.  See information on climate projections for Vancouver Island.
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