Solid Waste Bylaws

Together with education and waste reduction programs, regulations are an important tool in working towards Zero Waste. The CVRD maintains several bylaws related to solid waste management. Together these bylaws regulate the curbside collection program, set fees at public recycling centres, and require private waste management facilities to be licenced to ensure best practices. 
Bylaw No. 1958, Garbage and/or Recyclable Materials Collection
Recycling and garbage pick-up is regulated by Bylaw No. 1958. This bylaw contains information on how material should be prepared for pick-up day, who is eligible for the pick-up program, and service fees.
Bylaw No. 2108, Solid Waste Management Charges and Regulations
CVRD Recycling Centres & Garbage Drop-off Depots are regulated by Bylaw No. 2108. This bylaw provides a list of what is accepted at these facilities, the facility rules, and the fines for breaking these rules.
Bylaw No. 2570, Waste Stream Management Licencing
This bylaw applies private garbage and recycling facilities within the region (such as metal recyclers or composting operations). The purpose of the bylaw is to ensure all reasonable steps to address potential environmental and social impacts from private facilities are taken, and allows the CVRD to set specific operating conditions for each facility. The bylaw also contains prohibitions against large scale illegal dumping.