About Solid Waste

Solid Waste Planning

The Solid Waste Management Plan provides guidance for solid waste management in the region. Major goals of the Plan include striving for Zero Waste, and reducing waste wherever possible.

Zero Waste

Zero Waste means that all discarded materials become resources for other people to use. It's a philosophy and a goal that helps the environment and the economy. Aiming for Zero Waste means shipping less garbage to landfill in Washington State, USA, which reduces costs for taxpayers and keeps recycling jobs local. It's good for the environment too, since reusing what we have means that less raw materials are needed to create the products we use everyday.

Recycling Rate

The CVRD has one of the best recycling rates in BC. In 2014, more than 74% of all waste collected in our region was recycled instead of landfilled. In 2013, CVRD residents produced less garbage than anywhere else in the Province.

Zero Waste Achievements

  • CVRD Recycling Centres accept more than 650 products, more than anywhere else in BC
  • Partnerships with Product Stewards mean that items like paint, batteries and thermostats can all be recycled locally
  • Brand new recycling programs have been introduced for mattresses, couches and armchairs in the last 3 years
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