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Average Residential Waste - Web chart

The chart above shows the materials found in garbage from CVRD Electoral Areas in 2015.

Waste Composition Studies

2015 Waste Study Highlights

2015 Waste Composition Study

In 2015, the CVRD completed a Waste Composition Study to better understand the types of materials being put in the garbage. Results of the study will be used to inform waste reduction initiatives, develop Zero Waste education programs, and guide the development of the Solid Waste Management Plan.

Other Reports

CVRD Solid Waste Report

2011 Tri-Regional Solid Waste Study

The Tri-Regional Solid Waste Study was a joint undertaking of the CVRD, the Regional District of Nanaimo, and the Capital Regional District. The report looks at the feasibility of waste-to-energy technology as a garbage disposal option in the three regional districts.