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Illegal dumping occurs all too often in the Cowichan Valley Regional District. Illegal dumping is unsightly and dangerous to humans, animals and the environment.

The CVRD has an outstanding network of public and private collection facilities that will handle waste in a safe and responsible manner. Ironically, many materials that are illegally dumped can be dropped off at recycling centres for free. While there are recycling charges for some items, it's usually a less expensive (and more convenient) to visit a recycling centre than drive out into the bush for disposal, especially since anyone caught dumping illegally faces an on-the-spot fine of $500. All in all, there's no excuse for illegal dumping, period.

PREVENT & REPORT - Illegal Dumping 

Tipping Fee Rebate - Public Land & Waterway Clean-Up Projects 

In support of organizations that undertake clean-up of illegally-dumped material, the CVRD offers a disposal fee rebate of up to $1,000 per project. The following conditions apply:

  • The applicant must be registered as a non-profit society or charity or belong to a school district that undertakes clean-up, rehabilitation or enhancement of public lands and waterways within the CVRD’s jurisdiction;
  • Clean-up cannot involve projects that displace work carried out by local government staff or private sector companies;
  • The materials being disposed of must directly derive from the clean-up, rehabilitation or enhancement of public lands or waterways within the CVRD’s jurisdiction;
  • Garbage and recyclables items must be pre-sorted before being disposed of at CVRD Recycling Centres and the material must comply with the disposal conditions at CVRD Recycling Centres;
  • The clean-up project must be completed within a short period of time (maximum 2 months); and,
  • The maximum tipping fee rebate amount is $1,000 per clean-up project.

Material Accepted & Fees
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