Community Clean-Up Events

Illegal dumping occurs all too often in the CVRD. Many people have found discarded sofas or TV's when out hiking or biking and sometimes illegal dump sites can contain things like dead farm animals, industrial waste or hazardous chemicals. Illegal dumping is unsightly and dangerous to humans, animals and the environment.

The CVRD has an outstanding network of public and private collection facilities that will handle this material in a safe and responsible manner. Ironically, many materials that are illegally dumped (things like plant and food waste, Styrofoam, paper and packaging) can be dropped off at collection facilities for free. While there are disposal charges for some items (like sofas and mattresses), it's usually a lot cheaper (and more convenient) to visit a local depot or recycling centre than driving out into the bush for disposal, especially since anyone caught dumping illegally faces an on-the-spot fine of $500. All in all, there's no excuse for illegal dumping, period.

If you see illegal dumping taking place or find an unreported dumpsite, call the numbers listed below:
Bylaw Enforcement
Toll Free 1.800.665.3955
After Hours 250.746.2600

Apply for Funding 


If your not-for-profit or non-government organization wants to clean up an illegal dumpsite you can apply for funding to support your efforts. Qualifying organizations can apply for up to $1,000 in free garbage and recycling disposal at CVRD Recycling Centres. Before you apply, please note that:

-     Funding is not provided for clean-up of private events 

-     Funding is only available to organizations that cannot financially benefit from the funding, e.g. organizations that regularly experience illegal dumping outside of their business and/or property does not qualify 

-     Individuals do not typically qualify for funding. If you are an individual wishing to clean-up a site, we strongly encourage you to partner with a reputable community organization to organize a clean-up event

-     Recyclable material that is still fit for recycling must be separated out and recycled, e.g. upholstery furniture, plastic containers, etc. Funds provided shall be used to cover garbage and recycling fees at CVRD Recycling Centers. For a complete list of recyclable material see: Material Accepted & Fees

-     Remember to bring your CVRD approved Applicant Form to the Recycling Centre. Failure to provide the approved form will lead to tipping charges.

Community Clean-Up Application Form