Recycle 2.0: Recycle right at the curb

Why Recycle 2.0?

The Cowichan Region has the highest rate of contamination in curbside recycling on Vancouver Island
and is among the highest in BC.
That means we're putting a lot of the wrong things in our curbside recycling, with plastic bags being our top contaminant.

Putting the wrong thing in your curbside recycling might seem like a small issue but it's actually a big and costly problem. Contaminants like plastic bags can lead to entire loads of recyclables getting trashed, sorting machines breaking down, and financial penalties that make recycling more expensive.

Things like plastic bags can be recycled, but only at recycling centres and not at the curbside. The Cowichan Recyclopedia lists dozens of items and where to recycle them, including a list of locations to recycle plastic bags.

All we have to do to recycle better is make sure we understand what can be recycled at the curbside, and what needs to be taken to a recycling centre.

Curbside Audits and Stickers


That's why it's time to take recycling to a whole new level! Staff are auditing curbside recycling and leaving stickers on your tote to let you know if you're putting the right things inside. 

If you receive a 'Gold Star' sticker

, it means you're doing a great job at keeping contaminants like plastic bags out of your curbside recycling. Way to go! 

If you receive an 'Oops' sticker,

 it means that items that aren't accepted in the curbside recycling program were found in your tote. Don't take it personally! Even great recyclers need a refresher now and then. 
Gold Star
Croped Oops - Not Emptied