Bamberton LNG

Bamberton lands


Malahat LNG has indicated its interest in developing a floating liquefaction production facility at the Bamberton industrial site which is owned by the Malahat Nation. The floating production facilities would be moored to jetties along the shoreline and supported by minor land-side infrastructure.

To be able to operate such a facility, the proponent will be required to engage in both Federal and Provincial regulatory processes. In addition, the proponent would be required to engage in CVRD regulatory processes (Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw amendments) which are adjudicated by the Board.  

There has been a significant amount of discussion in the community about the proposed project.  The FAQs section below provides answers to questions posed by local media and are posted here to provide this information to the community on a long-term basis. We will be updating this material as new and significant information become available.