Meade Creek Upgrades

2017-01-11 Meade Creek Overview
                    Proposed new site layout for the Meade Creek Recycling Centre

The Meade Creek Recycling Centre is a recycling and garbage drop-off depot serving residents of Lake Cowichan, Youbou, Honeymoon Bay, Caycuse and Skutz Falls. Upgrades to the facility are planned for 2017-2018.

What is the current status of the upgrades?

In January, 2017 two open house meetings were held in Youbou and Lake Cowichan to give residents an opportunity to see the draft design for the new facility, provide feedback and ask questions. The CVRD is now working to finalize the design. The community will be kept informed as project progresses and residents are welcome to submit comments at any time to

What upgrades are planned?

Upgrades will include a new recycling yard and buildings as well as proper closure of an old landfill on the site. The upgraded depot will have more room for traffic and parking, and more room to accept recyclables.

New items accepted

New materials including drywall, asphalt roofing, rubble and couches can be dropped off once upgrades are complete, giving residents of the Lake Cowichan area access to the same level of service that is offered at other CVRD Recycling Centres

Why are upgrades needed?

Meade Creek was first built in the 1970s as a garbage incinerator. Ash from the incinerator is still piled on the site which is an environmental risk. The facility wasn't originally designed to be a recycling centre and no significant upgrades have been made since it was first built. Improvements are needed to make the site safer and to help it last for another 30 years.