Animal Byproduct

Products accepted under this category:

animal byproduct, carcass, roadkill

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Want to go green?


Eat less meat to lessen your environmental impact. Choose meat products that have been farm-raised, grass fed and are hormone free. Additionally, choose organic, meaning no chemicals were used while raising the animal, and buy only what you need.


Use bones and fat from meat you purchase to make soup stock. 
Consider purchasing tallow candles rather than petroleum based candles. 


Small quantities of animal byproducts, like meat food waste and bones, can be disposed of in backyard composting or with curbside organics collection (where available).

Larger quantities of animal byproducts (from butchers, farmers, etc) or dead animals (roadkill) may be disposed of at the Regional District of Nanaimo Landfill, found on the map above. Please call before dropping off.