Sports & Leisure Appliances

Products accepted under this category:

airbrush, badge/button machine, balloon inflator, binoculars, bobbin weaver/winder, bubble & fog machines, bug racket zapper, digital microscope, insect noise repellent device, magnifying lens, oxygen analyzers, radar gun, scuba mask (with or without camera), scuba system, snow goggles, sticker maker, telescope, score keeper, UV lamp

Sports and leisure appliances are free to recycle at CVRD Recycling facilities and other private facilities. Items are recycled under the ElectroRecycle stewardship program. For a complete list of accepted products, visit the ElectroRecycle website.

Click on the map pins to learn more about facilities that accept these products.

Want to go green?


Don't replace sports and leisure appliances that still meet your needs. When buying, look for ads for second hand appliances in newspapers and online. If you purchase new, look for an energy efficient or manually operated appliance that has multiple functions and buy one that will last.


Give away old, working sports and leisure appliances to family or friends, or offer it online or in the local paper. Repair appliances instead of purchasing new ones.


ElectroRecycle offers a free recycling program for sports and leisure appliances. CVRD Recycling Centres and other participating facilities can be found on the map above.