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household, rechargeable, cell phone, vehicle, and boat batteries

Batteries are free to recycle at CVRD Recycling Centres, and may also be accepted at other recycling facilities. Not all facilities accept all types of batteries, click on the map to find out more. 

Batteries should never go in your curbside tote.

Click on the map pins to learn more about facilities that accept these products.

Want to go green?


Buy rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones to reduce environmental impact from production, packaging, and recycling. Additionally, choose electronics with that plug in to cut down on the number of batteries you use. For emergency use, consider a wind-up flashlight and radio.

Drive less and switch to biking, walking, public transit or carpooling for your commute to reduce environmental lead contamination from automobile batteries.

Think twice before replacing your old phone - cell phone disposal also involves the need for battery recycling.


Choosing rechargeable batteries is the best way to reuse.

Many businesses will recycle and refurbish your old car or boat battery. Many also offer reconditioned lead-acid (car/boat) batteries for sale.

Cell phones and their batteries that are still in working condition can be sold or given to someone you know. Also try advertising them on Used Cowichan or Craigslist.


Call2Recycle and the Canadian Battery Association offer recycling programs for rechargeable/non-rechargeable and lead-acid batteries respectively. CVRD Recycling Centres and other participating facilities can be found on the map above.

Not all facilities collect all battery types. Check the map for more information.

UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) batteries found are accepted with Electronics. Look on the product page for facilities accepting these items.