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clothes, textiles, shoes

Click on a map pin to learn more about a facility that accepts these products. In addition to the drop-off facilities below, the Canadian Diabetes Association accepts clothing and textiles at dropbox locations in the Cowichan region, and may also pickup clothing and textiles.

Want to go green?


Buy clothes and shoes made to last and avoid purchasing too many pieces that follow trends and those that are low quality. Shop at stores that use sustainable materials and support fair trade.


Shop at second hand stores. Use old t-shirts for rags. Still have acid wash jeans from the 80's kicking around? These are back in fashion and your young relative or neighbourhood teen may be keen to take these off your hands.


Second hand stores accept clean and reusable items and some will even pick items up from you. The map above shows locations of some thrift stores in the CVRD region.

Clothing and shoes can also be dropped off for free at all CVRD Recycling Drop-off Depots. Look for the red Canadian Diabetes Society clothing donations bin. Items must be clean and in good condition.