Products under this category:

armchairs, box springs, couches, futons, innerspring, latex foam, mattresses

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Want to go green?


Take care of your furniture so that it lasts and only purchase what you truly need. When you do purchase new furniture, look for ads online and in the newspaper and check out garage sales and thrift stores for second-hand furniture.


Recover or paint your furniture to give it a second life. Place it elsewhere in the house like your children's playroom. Furniture that is clean and free of rips or tears can be given to a charitable organization, second-hand store or sold online.

Bing's Creek and Peerless Road Recycling Centres have Free Stores that you can take your good used furniture to for a fee.


Couches, futons, armchairs and mattresses are accepted for recycling at CVRD Recycling Centers as well as at the other facilities found on the above map.

These types of furniture must be free of bedbugs to be accepted in the recycling bins. Wooden furniture can be recycled in the scrap lumber bins. Questions? Find an attendant onsite or call the CVRD Recycling Hotline at 250.746.2540.