Gasoline & Containers

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gasoline, gasoline containers, gasoline mixed with oil or water

Gasoline and gasoline containers are free to recycle at CVRD Recycling Facilities and other private recycling facilities. 

Do not put gasoline containers in your curbside tote.

Click on the map pins to learn more about facilities that accept these products.

Want to go green?


Walk, cycle, or carpool to reduce your gasoline use. Drive a hybrid or electric car. Don't idle!       


Check with your friends, family, and colleagues before disposing of fuel, as they may have a use for it. Gasoline that has been sitting for a while can be made usable by adding a stabilizing additive or by adding new gasoline and using it for the lawnmower instead of the car.


ReGeneration offers a recycling program for these items. CVRD Recycling Centres and other participating facilities can be found on the map above.

All gasoline must be contained in an approved ULC container. The maximum size accepted is 25 litres.
 For more information, visit the ReGeneration website.

Diesel, butane, and propane are not accepted under this program.