Indoor Building Materials

Products accepted under this category:

carpet, drywall, underlay (from carpet), windows

Click on the map pins to learn more about facilities that accept these products.

Want to go green?


Try rearranging the furniture, painting, or finding some new decorations at a local thrift store instead of fully renovating. When purchasing new carpet, invest in a good quality, natural fibre underlay as it will prolong the life of your carpet.


Habitat for Humanity accepts framed window donations. You could also hang your old windows in your garden, or see if a consignment store will take them. Spare bits of carpet and underlay can be used to line the bottom of closets, place under heavy items like filing cabinets, or for your cat's scratching post.


The facilities found on the above map accept drywall, carpet and underlay, and windows for recycling. These products are banned from the landfill.

Please note: CVRD Recycling Centres ONLY accept asbestos free drywall that is date stamped after 1990.

Asbestos free drywall without a date stamp is accepted at Coast Environmental Ltd. in Duncan and Chemainus, and at Fisher Road Recycling in Cobble Hill.

Drywall with asbestos mud, tape, etc. is accepted at Coast Environmental Ltd. in Duncan, the Regional District of Nanaimo Landfill, or the Hartland Landfill in Victoria. Call ahead as special conditions apply.