Products accepted under this category:

clean wood, painted wood, Christmas trees, pallets, particleboard, plywood, strand board, stumps

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Want to go green?


Utilize all the lumber you have to reduce scrap wood. The carbon footprint left by purchasing new lumber is a huge one. Dozens of fossil fuel burning engines (trucks, helicopters, boats, chainsaws etc.) are used to cut and transport lumber.


Use leftover scraps of wood for shims or small projects. Compost smaller scraps of untreated, unpainted lumber at home, or use them as kindling.


Scrap lumber, clean wood waste, and stumps are accepted at all CVRD Recycling Drop-off Depots and at other facilities found on the map.

Wood with paint on a maximum of one side can also be placed with the clean lumber. Fully painted or stained/treated wood is considered garbage and must be placed in the garbage bin at a recycling facility.

No pressure treated wood, landscape ties, creosote, non-wood products, lead-based paint, arborite, melamine, linoleum, or contaminated wood.