Office Supplies

Products under this category:

ink jet printer cartridges, toner cartridges, writing instruments

Many office supplies stores accept used writing utensils and ink cartridges. 

Do not put office supplies in your curbside tote.

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Want to go green?


Reduce your ink consumption by printing less. Accustom yourself to proofing documents on your computer and resist the urge to make copies for everyone in your department. Print only final versions.


When buying pens or ink and toner cartridges, look for refillable options.
There are tons of fun crafts you can do that reuses your old pens and turns them into something fun! Check out sites like Pinterest for ideas.


Many office supply stores accept used writing utensils and ink cartridges for recycling. Set up your own recycling bins in your office and ensure the pens get taken to an appropriate recycling facility.

See the map above for facilities accepting these items.