Products under this category:

bread & cereal, coffee filters, coffee grounds, cooked food & leftovers, cut & dried flowers, dairy & butter, egg shels, fruit & vegetables, fur, meat & fish scraps/bones, muffin wrappers, napkins & tissues, nuts & shells, paper towel, pizza boxes, soiled paper, tea bags, used paper plates & cups

Products NOT accepted under this category:

biodegradable bags, contaminated cotton balls, milk cartons, pet waste & litter, plastic, plastic lined paper products, sanitary products, soiled diapers, styrofoam, yard & garden waste

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Want to go green?


Better meal planning results in fewer wasted ingredients and will save money and time. Many peels that we discard such as those from potatoes and apples are edible, full of vitamins, and add extra flavour to dishes. 


Be creative with your leftovers. Donate non-perishable food items that you won't use to local food banks.


A 5 gallon pail of kitchen organics is accepted for free at CVRD RecyclingCentres. Ensure there is no garbage, metal, plastic, styrofoam, yard and garden waste, pet waste, carcasses, or butchering waste mixed in with your food waste.

Residential quantities of food waste is also accepted at the facilities found on the map above.