Outdoor Power Equipment

Products under this category:

brush cutters, chain saws, garden shears, garden sprayer, lawn aerator, lawn blowers, lawn mower, lawn tractor, mulcher, pole pruning saw, pressure washer, snowblower, trimmers, wood chipper

Outdoor power equipment is free to recycle at CVRD Recycling Centres, and other private recycling facilities. For a complete list of accepted products, visit the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada website.

Click on the map pins to learn more about facilities that accept these products.

Want to go green?


If you must purchase new power tools, buy the most durable ones you can afford. Consider sharing equipment with a neighbour, friend or family member. Only buy what you need.


Repair equipment whenever possible instead of purchasing new ones. Donate old working power equipment to a friend, community group, or school. 


The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada offers a recycling program for these items. CVRD Recycling Centres and other participating facilities can be found on the map above.