Products under this category:

cardboard, egg cartons, insets & flyers, magazines & catalogues, newspapers, paper bags, paper documents, paper packaging containing dry items, phone books, pizza boxes, shredded paper, writing paper

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Want to go green?


The best way to reduce your use of paper is to refuse it. Post a ‘no junk mail’ sign in your mailbox, switch to receiving your bills online, use cloth napkins, find reusable lunch bags and choose recycled paper for printing.


Many libraries cut up used printed paper for reuse as note paper beside computers. You can do the same at home. Printing draft? Use the back side of a sheet already printed. Save wrapping paper for a second or third use. Shredded paper makes excellent garden mulch.


Paper is accepted in your curbside tote as long as paper and non-corrugated cardboard is not lined with wax or plastic.

Make sure your cardboard is clean and flattened before placing at the curb. Have a lot? Find a paper and cardboard recycling facility on the map above.

Shredded paper is accepted in curbside recycling and should be contained in a paper or clear plastic bag *this is the one exception to the 'No Plastic Bags in Curbside Recycling ' policy