Hard Plastics

Products accepted under this category:

  • plastic containers from yogurt*, margarine*, liquid soap bottles*, milk jugs*, plant pots*, take-out clam shells*, ketchup bottles*, pill/vitamin/supplement bottles*
  • soft drink cups, water bottles
  • plastic straws, utensils, plastic corks
  • clean plastic lids (e.g. disposable coffee cup lids*)

*These products are also accepted in your curbside bins


NOT accepted under this category:

  • PVC and vinyl (e.g. shower curtains, medical gloves)
  • Plastic hangers with metal on them
  • Potato chip bags, granola wrappers
  • Automobile plastic (e.g. bumpers)
  • Styrofoam (accepted separately at CVRD Recycling Centres)

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Want to go green?


Purchase products like metal or glass food containers that will not deteriorate or break as easily. Hand wash and reuse plastic drink cups. 


Reuse products until the end of their usable life. Sell or give away products in working condition to friends or family. When buying, look for individuals selling in your community.


Not all hard plastic items are accepted in your curbside tote (i.e tupperware, water bottles, etc). Rigid plastic with a #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 symbol are recyclable, however, and therefore accepted at CVRD Recycling Centres. Ensure all items are clean and dry.