Products accepted under this category:

asphalt shingles, gravel roofing, tar roofing, wood shakes

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Want to go green?


Since asphalt shingles are difficult to dispose of, choose alternatives such as cedar shingles or metal roofing.


Reuse your old wood or asphalt shingles to cover a storage or garden shed. Asphalt shingles can also function as a good water repellent layer between ends of deck or house posts and concrete pads. They also make great slip prevention material when nailed to stairs and decks.


Roofing materials can be dropped off for free recycling and all CVRD Recycling Centres or at one of the other facilities found on the map above.

Wood shakes that have been pressure treated are no longer recyclable and must be sent to the landfill.

Remove any metal flashing for recycling as scrap metal.