Products accepted under this category:

asphalt (road), brick, ceramics, china, concrete, fill, gravel, HardiePlank, mirror, non-laminated glass, porcelain, rock, toilets

*Refundable glass containers are accepted under Beverage Containers.
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Want to go green?


Seek out used materials before purchasing new ones. Consider alternate options for your driveway or garden paths. Gravel or recycled woods chipping provide a similar function to concrete and are better for drainage.


Rock and brick can be great for landscaping uses like creating flowerpot stands or to a decorative border around a raised flowerbed. If your unwanted china, ceramics, and porcelain are still in good condition, give them to a local thrift store.


These materials can be taken for free recycling at all CVRD Recycling Centres, or to one of the other facilities found on the map above. All rubble and aggregate materials must be free of metal, plastic and wood

Items not accepted for recycling include window frames, toilet seats, floats, handles, tank lining, plastic aquarium frames, concrete or stucco with mesh.