Products under this category:

coloured styrofoam, drinking cups, foam clamshells, foam cushion packaging, foam egg cartons, meat trays, styrofoam packing chips, white styrofoam

Clean styrofoam is free to recycle at CVRD Recycling Centres, private recycling depots, and some retailers. Separate coloured styrofoam from white styrofoam. 

Do not put any styrofoam in your curbside tote.

Click on the map pins to learn more about facilities that accept these products.

Want to go green?


Look for products that come in greener packaging materials. Encourage your local grocery store to replace Styrofoam meat trays with biodegradable trays made from corn or paper.


Save large or small chunks of Styrofoam to use when packing breakable items. Ask schools or craft shops if they might be able to use the material in art projects.

Styrofoam packing chips can also be returned to some courier companies for reuse.
Your local UPS store will take your foam packing chips for reuse.


Clean Styrofoam can be dropped off for free recycling and all CVRD Recycling Centres, or at one of the other facilities found on the map above.

Pink or blue sheets of insulation are not accepted.

London Drugs accepts white and coloured styrofoam packaging.

Styrofoam is NOT accepted in your curbside recycling tote.