Public Notification of Projects


There are a number of projects that are of interest to residents. The pages below provide an overview of these projects, including common questions and answers. 

Meade Creek Recycling Centre - Upgrades and Remediation

Upgrades are planned for the Meade Creek Recycling Centre & Garbage drop-off depot near Lake Cowichan, beginning in 2017. Learn more about planned improvements and see questionnaire results.

Waste Stream Management Licence Applications 

Facilities that apply for a new or a major amendment to their recycling licence under CVRD Bylaw No. 2570 - Waste Stream Management Licencing Bylaw, 2004 have to notify the public about their application. 

Fisher Road Recycling

Fisher Road Recycling (FRR) has applied to increase their composting capacity and to change their composting system. To comply with current regulations, FRR is required to apply for a permit under the Provincial 
Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR), and to amendment their licence under CVRD Bylaw No. 2570 – Waste Stream Management Licencing Bylaw, 2004 (CVRD Bylaw 2570). View the facility application notice and FAQs.