Cobble Hill Sanitary Sewer System

Cobble Hill Wastewater System
Cobble Hill Sewer System is located north of Cobble Hill Village, off of Cobble Hill Road in Area C. The system services 84 residential properties.

System Overview and Proposed Upgrades

The sewer system consists of a rotating biological contactor (RBC) treatment plant.  Five concrete tanks provide pre-treatment prior to the sewage entering into the RBC plant for biological treatment producing Class C effluent.  The treated effluent is pumped to ground disposal.

The system is nearing the end of its life-cycle and requires upgrades; work is currently underway to determine the best, long-term, sustainable upgrade solution.

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Annual Charges (2017 Rates)

Billing Period  Billing Date  User Fee* per Billing Period  Parcel Tax**
Annual Fees
(User Fees and Parcel Tax) 

January 1-June 30 February 1  $150.00 $412.58


July 1-December 31 August 1 $150.00

*User Fees are mailed out to each customers on the billing date stated above.
**Parcel Tax is charged once a year and is incorporated into the property tax for each customer.
   BC Assessment charges a 5.25% administrative fee which is included in this amount.