Mesachie Lake Sanitary Sewer System

Mesachie Lake sewer system is located in the community of Mesachie Lake in Area F and services 49 residential properties. 

System Overview

Mesachie Lake Sewer System was built in the 1940's by Hillcrest Logging Company to support houses built for its workers and their families. Despite the age of the system, and its primitive design, the system continues to function, but is badly in need of upgrades.

To bring the system up to modern day standards, and to comply with the Ministry of Environment’s regulations, the system requires upgrades to all parts of the system as well as the addition of a treatment plant to treat the sewage to higher quality. 

Options are currently being explored for to determine the best, long-term, sustainable solution to upgrade the system.  Find out more about the system by clicking here

Annual Charges (2017 Rates)

Billing Period  Billing Date  User Fee* per Billing Period  Parcel Tax**
Annual Fees
(User Fees and Parcel Tax) 

January 1-June 30 January 1  $150.00 $410.48


July 1-December 31 July 1 $150.00

*User Fees are mailed out to each customers on the billing date stated above.
**Parcel Tax is charged once a year and is incorporated into the property tax for each customer.
   BC Assessment charges a 5.25% administrative fee which is included in this amount.