Watershed Planning - We want to hear from you

The Cowichan watershed is the largest and most diverse of our region's 16 watersheds. It supplies drinking water for around 25,000 people in three municipalities, five electoral areas and two First Nations. There are a variety of agencies and organizations that have a role in managing resources in the Cowichan watershed; however, this also causes gaps in responsibility. The CVRD wants to hear from residents on how the CVRD can enhance the management of the watershed and the role regional government should play.​​

​We encourage residents to sign up for PlaceSpeak, where you can take part in discussions, give your thoughts on a poll and connect with other concerned residents. 

We have also launched a new survey which is also available at PlaceSpeak.
  1. Water Security
  2. Watershed Stress
  3. Local Government Response
Did you know?

A mix of organizations have responsibilities and interests in managing the region's watersheds, each with their own mandate and ability to coordinate or implement actions on the ground.​

Federal Provincial Local
Fisheries ​& Oceans Canada Ministry of Environment First Nations
​Indigenous & Northern Affairs ​​Canada ​​Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations Local Government
  ​​Ministry of Health ​ Private Managed Forest Council
  ​Ministry of Agriculture Industry
  ​Ministry of Community, Sport & Cultural Development Stewardship Groups
    Improvement Districts