Grant-In-Aid Select Committee


CVRD Representatives:
  • Director A. Nicholson, Chairperson
  • Director K. Davis, Vice-Chairperson
  • Director S. Acton
  • Director L. Iannidinardo
  • Director K. Kuhn
  • Director K. Marsh 
  • Director A. Stone 
To consider Grants-in-Aid including:
  • Creating a separate function for Regional Grants-in-Aid;
  • Creating sub-regional Grant-in-Aid altogether;
  • Doing away with Regional Grants-in-Aid altogether;
  • Timing for when applications need to be submitted;
  • Timing and process for approval;
  • Separate categories for grants (i.e. Social, Environmental, Recreation);
  • Participatory budgeting; and
  • Social procurement.