Area A


Director Kerry Davis
Alternate Director Blaise Salmon
Area 4,931 hectares
Population (2011 Census) 4,393
  • Malahat
  • Mill Bay
  • North - Whiskey Point Rd.
  • South - Gerdina Rd. on the Malahat (by the Dutch Latch)
  • East - Saanich Inlet
Electoral Area
Community Parks
Briarwood Park 
Deloume Park
Hollings Creek Park
Huckleberry Park
Mill Bay Boat Launch
Mill Bay Nature Park
Mill Bay Community Wharf
Mill Bay Historic Church and Cemetery
Millsprings Trail
Features and Attractions
  • Malahat Summit Viewpoint (Trans-Canada Highway)
  • Mill Bay (Brentwood Ferry)
  • Mill Bay Beach
  • Spectacle Lake Park
  • Bamberton Provincial Park
  • Mill Bay Marina and Boat Launch (Handy Road)
Leisure Facilities Kerry Park Recreation Centre