Illegal Dumping: Report & Prevent

Picture of an illegal dump site and the request to report polluters by calling #7277 on your phone.

Report your observations to:

Ministry of Environment RAPP Line (24 hour)
Cellular Dial #7277
Toll Free 1.877.952.7277

CVRD Bylaw Enforcement
Toll Free 1.800.665.3955
After Hours 250.746.2600

Illegal dumping is a problem throughout the Cowichan Valley. Aside from the environmental and financial costs of this crime, illegal dumping destroys the natural beauty of our region and is frustrating for residents and visitors.

The Hillcrest Road area is one of the region's worst locations for illegal dumping. The CVRD is asking for your help to stop dumping in this area by reporting identifying information to the Ministry of Environment RAPP line.

Remember, if you see an illegal dump site or someone who is committing illegal dumping, do not endanger yourself by approaching the person or dump site. Instead, take down and report identifying information to ensure the person responsible will be caught and fined.