Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment No. 4

In January 2018, the CVRD started a process to review and update (amend) its Solid Waste Management Plan. The draft Plan contains important information on waste disposal and reduction, and provides a long-term vision for managing waste in our region.

Next Steps

Feedback received during the public consultation period is currently being compiled. The feedback will be summarized in a Public Consultation Report which will be presented to the PAC in October, along with any changes made to the Plan as a result of the public consultation process. The PAC will finalize the Plan and then both documents will be presented to the CVRD Board for approval, before being sent to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy for final adoption.

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What is a Solid Waste Management Plan?

The Plan provides a vision for managing waste and recycling for the next 20 to 30 years, with clear actions set out for the next ten years. It covers all forms of municipal solid waste including garbage, recycling and construction/demolition waste. It does not include agricultural, industrial, forestry, liquid or hazardous waste.

The Plan sets out how waste and recycling will be managed in the region including collection, recycling and composting, processing, waste reduction, education, financing and disposal. The Plan should also identify gaps and opportunities for improvement in the region's waste management system. Solutions should be prioritized according to the 5R hierarchy. 

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Zero Waste won’t happen overnight, but we can get closer by putting the right strategies in place. The CVRD’s waste disposal rate is currently 358 kg per person. That’s much better than the provincial average of 472 kg per person, but there’s room for improvement. Waste audits show that more than one-third of the garbage sent to landfill is actually made up of organic material: 19% is wasted food, and another 14% is compostable organic material. Plastics, paper and other recyclables make up another 15% of our garbage. Strategies proposed in the new Solid Waste Management Plan will help to reduce these figures and help us meet our proposed regional targets.

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The Process

A Plan Advisory Committee (PAC), made up of 16 representatives from the local business community, First Nations, institutions, non-profit groups, members of the public and CVRD staff, has been meeting since March 2018 to review the waste management system, identify gaps and areas for improvement, and develop a set of guiding principles and regional waste reduction targets. The PAC is recommending 13 strategies for adoption in the draft Solid Waste Management Plan.

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