Regional Grant-in-Aid Application

2019 Application Process
The CVRD is accepting submissions from qualified organizations for Regional Grants-in-Aid for 2019. To qualify, the organization must be a registered society under the laws of British Columbia and/or Canada. Organizations must be locally based, providing a service that benefits the residents of the region, and whose efforts are regional in nature.

Organizations applying for Regional Grants-in-Aid must also provide a description of the project, event or service for which funding is requested; the beneficiaries of the project, event or service; and the total cost of the project, event or service etc. in order to have its application considered. The deadline for 2019 applications is November 30, 2018. Please read the Regional Grant-in-Aid policy fully to ensure your application is eligible. The policy is available here.

If you answer Yes to any of the following questions you will not qualify for a Regional Grant-in-Aid and an application form is not necessary:
  •  Are you an individual or private business?
  •  Do you give grants to individuals, families or businesses?
  •  Does your organization receive funding from local government on an annual basis?

If your organization is a registered society and you answered No to the proceeding questions please find the Regional Grant-in-Aid application form here.

Please submit applications by email to:

Once the Board has made their decision all applicants will be notified.


Please be aware there are additional grant funding opportunities through the Arts & Culture Regional Grants-in-Aid Program. The application form is available here.