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Do You Live or Work in the Sh-hwuykwselu Watershed? We want to hear from you!

If you live in the Sh-hwuykwselu (Busyplace) Watershed, we’d like to invite you to share your knowledge about the watershed, your experiences with flooding and erosion, and to talk about ways to move forward. Your input will help develop the draft Stormwater Management & Mitigation Plan the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD), in partnership with Cowichan Tribes, is developing to help manage rain and flood waters affecting communities in the watershed.

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Cowichan Tribes Event Details

Please join us to:

  • Learn more about flooding, erosion, and stormwater management, and what it means for the Sh-hwuykwselu (Busyplace) watershed and you
  • Hear about the Sh-hwuykwselu (Busyplace) Stormwater Management & Mitigation Plan, its process, and anticipated outcomes
  • Share your experiences with flooding and erosion and your thoughts on challenges and potential solutions
  • Discuss issues and opportunities with representatives from CVRD, Cowichan Tribes,    technical consultants, and others in your community
  • Help develop a healthy future for our community by helping to develop a plan to manage flooding & erosion

Not able to attend? CVRD staff welcome your questions and comments about flooding and erosion in the Sh-hwuykwselu (Busyplace) watershed throughout the process. You can still complete a response form to provide your input on the issues and opportunities for stormwater management. klawrence@cvrd.bc.ca or tracy.fleming@cowichantribes.com