Arena Schedule

CLR Arena Schedule 2019 Dec

Admission Fees

Daytime Skate 12 & Under $1.50
Daytime Skate Adults $2.75
Drop-in Hockey Skater $5.50
Drop-in Hockey Goalie FREE

Arena Rules:

Please Help us maintain a safe environment by following these rules:

  • No food or beverages allowed on the ice.
  • Helmets are recommended but not provided.
  • Respect all skaters on and off the ice.
  • Alcohol is not permitted without a permit.
  • Full gear requires for drop-in hockey (no contact).

Friday Public Skate

Children $3.00
Teens $3.75
Adults $5.00
Seniors $4.00
Family $12.00

Skate Shop

Skate Rentals $2.75
Skate Sharpening $5.50