Development Services Division

Development Services Overview 

The Development Services Division is responsible for implementing current land use planning standards.  Planners within this Division are charged with the task of preparing Zoning Bylaws for each electoral area that set out land use planning standards.

Development Application Process

After an application is received and reviewed by a Planner it may go through a variety of steps prior to final approval/issuance.  These may include:

  • Referrals to CVRD Departments and External Agencies
  • Electoral Area Services Committee (EASC)
  • Public Hearing (for Rezoning applications)
  • Regional Board

Please refer to the Development Handbook in the Resources section of this page for more information.

Current Development Applications

Below are lists of Development Applications made to the Development Services Division, July 2018 to present, by application type. Files are processed by priority and in the order received. Check back periodically for updates.

*The Provincial Agricultural Land Commission is the approving authority for Agricultural Land Reserve applications and submits referrals to CVRD for comment.

*BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is the approving authority for Subdivision applications and submits referrals to CVRD for comment.

Bylaws and Permits

Official Community Plans and Zoning Bylaws set the standards by which land use planning is based. Development Permits must comply with these and other regulations and policies. The Development Permit process provides opportunity for a review of proposed developments to be sure they comply with the applicable regulations and policies.