Engineering Services

Picture of the front of the CVRD Ingram Street office in Duncan.

Water Management

The Water Management Division is responsible for the management and operation of select sewer, water, storm water, and street lighting systems located in CVRD electoral areas. 

Recycling & Waste Management

The Recycling & Waste Management Division is responsible for the disposal and long term management of waste generated by residents and businesses in the region. This work is guided by the region's commitment to Zero Waste and the principles outlined in the Solid Waste Management Plan. 

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Division is responsible for a variety of programs and initiatives including protection of water resources, response to climate change, and working with a wide variety of partners to protect environmental resources and values in the Cowichan Valley.

​Energy Management

Located within the Engineering Services Department, the Asset Management Coordinator is responsible for providing strategic guidance to asset management planning, energy management planning, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction planning.
Major activities include:
  • updating the Strategic Energy Management Plan
  • Completing the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Annual Report
  • updating the GHG Emissions Inventory
  • evaluating renewable energy options for CVRD sites
  1. Engineering Services

    Physical Address
    175 Ingram Street
    Duncan, BC V9L1N8

    Phone: 250.746.2530
    Fax: 250.746.2543

  2. Hamid Hatami

    General Manager, Engineering Services

  3. Brian Dennison

    Manager, Water Management

  4. Tauseef Waraich

    Manager, Recycling & Waste Management

  5. Kate Miller

    Manager, Environmental Services