Emergency Assistance

Following a major fire or flood, emergency assistance may be available.
Emergency Social Services (ESS) is a provincial program that provides emergency assistance for up to 72 hours following house fires, apartment fires, floods and wildfires.
If you are evacuated due to a disaster, please attend a Reception Centre as directed to register and receive services that may be available.

Services may include:
  • registration
  • family reunification
  • emotional support
  • coordination of essential food, clothing and lodging
  • recovery information
If you are impacted by such an emergency, meet with ESS personnel to determine the emergency assistance available to you.

Following a major disaster that impacts a large portion of the community, Community Recovery Services may be implemented.

Community Recovery is everyone's responsibility.

Personal Emergency Preparedness goes a long way to reducing your challenges. 
Neighbours helping neighbours is a key component.

Governments, agencies, businesses and the public will all need to work together to bring about Community Recovery.