Shawnigan Lake North Water System

Shawnigan Lake North water system is located north-west of the Village of Shawnigan Lake in Area B. The water system services residential dwellings and an elementary school.

Source, Treatment and Distribution

The Shawnigan Lake North water system uses Shawnigan Lake as its primary source water.  Two groundwater wells supplement the supply of water but the wells do not have the capacity to provide water for the entire system.  Water supplied from Shawnigan Lake is pumped to a treatment building (located off Decca road) and receives chlorine disinfection before being pumped to the water storage reservoirs located at the end of Gregory Road.  Water from the groundwater wells is pumped to a treatment building (located off Ingot road) where it receives chlroine disinfection before being pumped to the storage reservoirs.  
Shawnigan Lake North Water System

Water Quality Tests

Shawnigan Lake North water system is sampled, at a minimum, once a week.  The following table shows the sampling frequency and parameters tested for the water system:

 Frequency Parameter Tested Laboratory
Weekly Bacterial (E.Coli and Total Coliforms) Samples are submitted to the Island Health Authority for testing by a provincial laboratory
Quarterly Disinfection by-products (THM and HAA)  ALS Environmental 
Annual Full spectrum analysis based on the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. Sampling of the source and tap water is alternated each year.  ALS Environmental

Testing results can be found in the Annual Water Report completed each year.

Fee Structure

Shawnigan Lake North water system is not currently a metered water system.   Customers receive user fees every six months and an annual parcel tax is levied on individual property taxes.  A metering program is currently underway to install a water meter to each property and once complete metered rates (based on use by each customer) will begin.

Annual Charges (2017 Rates)

Billing Period Billing Date User Fees*
(per billing period)
 Parcel Tax**
Annual Fee 
(User Fee and Parcel tax)
January 1-June 30 March 15 $110.00  $333.74 $553.74
July 1-December 31
September 15 $110.00

*User Fees are mailed out to each customers on the billing date stated above.
**Parcel Tax is charged once a year and is incorporated into the property tax for each customer.
   BC Assessment charges a 5.25% administrative fee which is included in this amount.

Shawnigan Lake Levels

The Shawnigan lake level graph is based on weekly lake level readings taken from the Shawnigan Lake weir staff gauge during the operating season of March 15 to October 31.  During the “non-operating” season, November to March, the main gate of the weir is fully lowered and the lake level is not recorded. 

Click here to view the current Shawnigan Lake level graph.